About the Café

The café at Stow Lake Boathouse offers a variety of healthy food, great coffee, and beverages. We invite you, our community and visitors, to relax around the historic boathouse and enjoy your food and drink. Although it may be tempting to feed the wildlife, please refrain from doing so.

Our menu is filled with healthy and fresh housemade items. When possible we source our ingredients locally in order to offer visitors access to organic and sustainable food that is healthy for people and for the environment. We also recognize the historical nature of Stow Lake’s food offerings.


  • Local, all-natural cooked-to-order hamburgers
  • Local, all-natural beef hot dogs
  • Salads, Wraps and more!
  • Coffee, espresso drinks, and other beverages
  • Vegan choices are also available!
  • Now serving Beer & Wine


flavored tea on a table.
Salad with avocado, carrot, bacon and chicken.