A man-made lake completed in 1893, Stow Lake has been a part of San Francisco and Golden Gate Park for more than 11 decades. During this time, it has provided the people of San Francisco with a nearby place to escape from their crowded neighborhoods and homes, and enjoy the outdoors.

We plan to showcase vintage postcards and photographs of Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill throughout these many decades of public enjoyment. In this way, visitors can learn a bit of history and take in the nostalgic pictures while they enjoy their lunch.

Our historic renovations will include restoration of an historic building that is a gem of Golden Gate Park and the whole of San Francisco. We relish honoring the past while making the historic building functional and attractive. We invite the public to enjoy every step of this heartfelt process by checking back to our blog page, Facebook and Twitter, which will all chronicle ongoing improvements at Stow Lake.

Vintage Stow Lake

Historic stow lake photo with the island in the middle.
historic stow lake bridge with row boats in the water.
historic stow lake photo with geese in the water.
people sitting along the bank feeding geese.
People sitting around the lake, historic image.
Stow lake boat house historic image.
Historic stow lake photo with a walking pack.
Historic image of stow lake with boats on the lake.